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June 2011



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Jun. 30th, 2011


So I'm planning a BSG fan fic where Kara and Zak get their 'happy ending' and he drops out of flight school so she doesn't feel obliged to pass him, they both end up on Galactica for the decomissioning and the end of the worlds happens, after they need all hands on deck and as Zak has some flight experience he is enrolled in basic viper training now all he needs is a callsign and that's where I need help...

I'm looking for suggestions.

Zak's not gonna be great but he's gonna fly with Lee and Kara and the rest of the fleet.

Help me please.

If someone could come up with something simple but links into how lucky he is/how flukey it is that he's got a second chance that would be awersome.

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Jan. 17th, 2011

Practically a year and still a newbie

As the subject line says its been practically a year since my first (and only post) and I'm still new to all of this.  I stumble across beautifully designed pages and wished mine looked like those but I guess having something to say first of all would be better than worrying about how pretty my page looks...

So I decided to share some thoughts with the world wide web...

I am obsessed with the TV or at least TV shows I watch on the computer. I'd say I have more of a relationship with them than my fella. I bet you can guess how he feels about the numerous hours I spend glued to the flat screen...

This page I've decided is going to be aimed at my obsessions and sharing them with the web-world. I'm going to be gushing about episodes of shows I love, sharing images I stumble over and love, fan fiction (cause i'm one of them) that I read and love... I bet you can guess where I'm going with this. Anything about anything I love - TV world, Book world and occasionally Movie world - will be gushed about here.

I.e. Bones, Twilight, Friday Night Lights, Lie to Me, Chuck etc.

I hope as things progress my postings will be more concise and a little prettier (if someone skilled in the department takes pitty on me) because I'm one of those people who needs the visual as well as the words but lacks the skill - I'm not that computer literate.

So... I guess I'm done.

Peace, love and all that...

Feb. 7th, 2010

Chuck Season 3

Just got done with watching the first 3 episodes of Chuck Season 3 and let me say this - Chuck is Awesome and as for the character Awesome he is just cool and hot in a dorky jock way!